A million drops

- 2014 -

A million drops

Gonzalo Gil is a lawyer stuck in a alienated life, in an ill-fated career and trying to dodge the constant manipulation of his ever-present father, an all-powerful, very long shadow attorney. But something is going to shake up the monotony.

After years without knowing about her, Gonzalo receives the news that her sister Laura has committed suicide in dramatic circumstances. His death forces Gonzalo’s fragile thread that holds the balance of his life as a father and husband to the limit.

To engage resolutely in the investigation of the steps that led his sister to suicide, he will discover that Laura is suspected of having tortured and murdered a Russian gangster who bear once kidnapped and killed his young son. But what seems to be revenge is just the beginning of a tortuous path that will drag Gonzalo to unprecedented spaces of his family and his own past that perhaps he would rather not face. He will have to enter fully into the fascinating story of his father, Elias Gil, the great hero of the resistance against fascism, the young Spaniard engineer who traveled to the USSR committed to the ideals of the revolution who was betrayed, arrested and confined on the island of frightful Nazino, and became a key figure, admired and feared, of the darkest years of our country.

A great story of betrayed ideals, lives buffeted by an implacable destiny, a visceral and profound story of enduring love and revenge postponed; an intense literary thriller that runs through European history without taking any breath.