About me

"Mom, I want to be a writer ... "

Victor del Arbol was born in Barcelona in 1968. As a child he wanted to be older, like all children. Shaving, like his father, talking like him. He even copied his font style. But unlike him, who was not passionate about literature, Victor wanted to be a writer since childhood to tell the stories in her head. The library was one of his favorite places, where his mother left him while she was going to work cleaning houses in Barcelona.

Falling in love at 14, with poetry

His first love was when he was 14 years old and he wrote a beautiful poem for, at that time, the girl of his dreams. Already written, he placed it in a book, called “Steppenwolf” of H. Hess, and gave it to the girl … but she, after a while, returned it . Years later, in one of his presentations as a writer, Victor saw, sitting in one of the last rows, that first love. After the presentation they approached each other, greeted, laughed and she asked him if he still had that poem. Victor said yes, but in the last verse had written the name of another woman.

Victor studied History at the University of Barcelona, without concluding the studies, and worked two years as speaker and contributor to a social reality radio program “sense barreres Catalunya” (Radio Estel , ONCE). To earn living money, he worked as an official of the Government from 1992 to 2012.

The excitement of the first publication

“The weight of the Dead” was the first novel published. The day came out, ran to a bookstore and stared at the shelves full of illustrious names. At that moment he felt that writing was going to be the hardest and most beautiful of his life endeavor.

As a writer he was a finalist in the Fernando Lara Prize in 2008 with “The abyss of dreams” (unpublished) and won the Tiflos Prize for Novels in 2006 with “The weight of the dead”.

In 2011 he published “The sadness of the Samurai” (Editorial Alreves), which has been a national and international success. Translated into a dozen languages (Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Israel, Italy, France, USA, Brazil, China) and best seller in France, it has the critical acclaim and numerous awards. Among them, Le Prix polar du Européen 2012 for best European crime novel awarded by the prestigious French publication Le Point at the Lyon festival of Black Novel , le Prix QuercyNoir, the Tormo Black 2013 Award and Le Grand Prix policière litterature in 2015.

In January 2013 he published his novel “The heart tastes bitter ” finalist for best foreign novel in the Beaune Black Film Festival, finalist in the II Pata Negra Prize Salamanca, finalist for the best crime novel 2014 awarded by the VLNC festival . Translated into French, the prestigious publisher Rosenbloom ( Scribe ) has acquired publishing rights in English for Australia , New Zealand , UK and USA . Also it have been sold translation rights to Poland (Editorial Dragga ) and Bulgaria.

On May 13, 2014 published “A million drops” (Destino editorial). The first edition was sold out a week after going on sale. In a few months it reaches the 5th edition . In February 2015 it is published in French by Actes Sud publishing ( Actes Noir Collection )

“A Million Drops” is chosen BEST written in Spanish in 2014 by the association of bloggers in España Creatio Club Literario. “One Million Drops” has won the PATA BLACK III SALAMANCA City AWARD 2015. And In September 2015 it also won LE GRAN PRIX  DE LITTÈRATURE POLICIÈRE 2015 in France ( ETRANGERE mode ) . This prestigious award was been previously awarded to only two Spanish authors , Manuel Vazquez Montalban in 1979 and Arturo Perez Reverte in 1998. Also ” One Million Drops ” was chosen MEILLEUR POLAR 2015 PRIX LIRE in its French version ( “Toutes les Vagues de l’ Océan” )

Nadal Prize

Victor del Arbol is the winner of the 2016 NADAL PRIZE with ” The Eve of almost everything”.

In his own words: “The Nadal Prize is that moment in life when you accept that there are magical moments, and you have to enjoy them without arrogance but with the conviction that dreams can be accomplished . And make my parents proud of me. That’s what I value most. There is no recognition in success but in oneself, in overcoming every day own impossibilities.”

Passion: the engine

Victor likes to surround himself with creative and honest with themselves people. People who take risk, who try, who strive, because for Victor this is worth the result. Victor drives us and encouraged us to fight for our dreams, because all we have is really what we are: our passion. And he decided to follow it, and do it every day.

To all readers:

Thanks for being.