Eve of almost everything

- 2016 -

Eve of almost everything

Germinal Ibarra is a disenchanted policeman chasing rumors and his own conscience. Three years ago he decided to drag his melancholy to a police station in La Coruña, where he ordered the move after the resolution of the highly publicized case of the murder of the little Amanda that become him the hero he never wanted nor felt to be. But the refuge and anonymity Germinal thought he had gotten, one night is truncated when a woman admitted to hospital with bruises that show great violence claims for him.

A mysterious woman named Paola trying to flee their own ghosts has appeared three months ago in the depths of the Galician coast. There she is welcome as the guest of Dolores, a sensitive and tortured soul, accepting her without too many questions and introducing her into a circle that alleviates her loneliness.

The intersection of these two stories in time becomes a sea with two ships on a collision course that will progress without escape.