The sadness of the Samurai

- 2011 -

The sadness of the Samurai

Extremadura 1941 / Barcelona 1981. Two frames are developed in parallel; one in Extremadura in 1941; the other in Barcelona in 1981. A crime committed during the Spanish Civil War produces consequences in three generations of a family in Alcalá and those who have crossed their lives for forty years.

With a descriptive style but not slow, the author recounts the events and gradually intertwines the characters in both plots, entering into the psychology of each one. The result is a magnificent novel of intrigue and investigation, feelings and grudges, love and hate, ambition and pain, hypocrisy and especially guilt, a scourge that is passed from generation to generation where children inherit parents’ crimes and grandchildren the ones from their grandparents.

Plots, kidnappings, assassinations, torture, violence against women are some ingredients of this fantastic novel.